Saturday, February 25, 2017

Show Me State (Meet Our Son)

We both grew up in Missouri. For anyone outside of the "Show Me" state, you may have an easy time believing stuff without pictures or a hands-on experience. I'm not really sure why Missouri got the name "The Show Me State" but I like to think it started with someone trying to describe the Rocky Mountains to someone who has never left the Ozarks.

Guy 1: "Man, you won't believe the size of these rocks. They just shoot up out of the ground for miles!"
Guy 2: "Rocks? You mean like what we have down near Branson?"
Guy 1: "No, man these mountains are enormous compared to the hills we got around here!"
Guy 2: "We'll if they are so big, why can't I see them from here?"
Guy 1: "Well you have to go through about 9 hours of Kansas before you can see them!"
Guy 2: "Nothing is worth 9 hours of Kansas."
Guy 1: "Not much is, but these mountains, you just gotta see them."
Guy 2: "Guess you will have to show me someday." 

If you have been around Bre and I for the past year-plus, we may sound like that ole' Missourian. Our adoption process has been a lot like driving through 9 hours of Kansas. Many of you have been great. Reminding us of God's plan for us ("you will see the mountains") praying for strength for us ("once you get there, it will all be worth it") and encouraging us with love and even financially supporting us ("you got to see the mountains, let us buy the gas"). We have had enough of Kansas. 

Waiting has been a rough season for each of us, and has really effected us in our own ways. I'm the kind of person who wants to just drive faster. The faster we drive, the quicker we see mountains, right? While Bre, on the other hand, is maliciously studying the map to make sure we made all the right turns. Because, it doesn't matter how fast you go if it's in the wrong direction. All the while, we have known, we just have to keep headed west and at God's speed to eventually see the snow caps. Something you really can't grasp, until it's there. On the horizon, you see the first mountain. 

I'm here to tell you, with so much joy in my heart. These Missourians can see the first mountain. And it's close enough to say, we may not even be in Kansas anymore! 

February 14th, 2017... 

That's the day I won't forget. I was laying down for a Friday afternoon, day-off nap and Bre was preparing to do her yoga workout (these two things by the way PERFECTLY represent our marriage in every way possible). Bre got a phone call, and I could just barely hear her talking in the other room. There was something different about her voice, but I thought maybe she was just mid-yoga pose, trying to finish the conversation that had interrupted her efforts. Then I got a text from her. Yes, from the other room, my wife texted me. It simply said, "GET IN HERE NOW!" 

I sprung from the bed knowing something serious was going on and approached the living room where Bre was scrunched down by the nearest wall outlet (her phone was nearly dead) with the bottom of her face smiling and the top of her face in tears. Was it mountains? Was it really about to happen? 

After about an hour on speaker phone with our agency it was starting to set in. We were going to be parents. We have a match. We can see the mountain tops! Those mountain tops came in the form of emails loaded with medical files, pictures, YouTube videos and much more information that we had less than 5 days to comb through. 

After hanging up the phone, my wife tackled me. It wasn't textbook, and she could use a little work on her wrapping up form, but it did the trick. We were both just laying there on her unused yoga mat smiling, crying, laughing. The mountains are real. We can see it now. Everything you guys said was true. 

We have a son. Friends, family, loved ones who made all this possible, we have a beautiful baby boy face to put with the two letters you all have prayed over a year for. LT is no longer just something that someone has described to us. He is a 2 year old, perfect Chinese miracle.

So what now? We can see the mountains, but we are not quite there yet. Thanks to all of you, we have fully funded the adoption. This means that we will have no debt when we bring this guy home. We cannot say THANK YOU enough for your prayers and support. But we are not completely ready to "hit the slopes" just yet. There is still a bit of paperwork to do and travel details to be worked out. Our agency did not give us an exact date for travel, but did give us some tentative ideas as to when all of that could happen. 

We are obviously very excited and all that is in us wants to hop on a plane and get him tomorrow. But we have trusted God's timing this far and we know that he will guide us and bring us the rest of the way. But we are no longer in the "show-me" phase. And as fast as all of this is coming, we feel like 8 hours of Kansas is in our rear-view mirror. 

Guy 1: "See, I told you."
Guy 2: "They are twice as big and beautiful as you described!"
Guy 1: "You're such a Missourian."

We continue to covet your prayers as we hammer out the final miles of this journey to bring LT home. We have the best community surrounding us, don't think for a second that we don't know and appreciate how much you all care about us. You have all been along for the long road trip to the mountains, and you weren't even annoying back-seat drivers. Thanks for your continued support. We give all praise to a God who really does know what is best for us. 

More updates, and of course pictures coming soon!    


  1. OMYGOODNESS ... beautiful news. So happy for you all. Continued prayers! He is simply beautiful.

  2. I just jumped out of my seat with joy! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to meet him! Continuing prayers for you all as the gap is finally closing!