Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bring on the Black Balloons

OK. We will no longer put deadlines on blog posts for you. There is just no harnessing the creative writing potential in us. You will get a blog post when we write it. Period. :)

I want to share briefly about how we came to the decision to adopt from China. We have been pursuing international adoption from the start. Many have asked us why we are not pursing domestic adoption, and I don't have any better answer other than that my heart (and Allen's as well) cannot ignore the needs we have seen around the world and we feel this is a step we are called to take to meet just one of them (see my previous post for more on this). Also, if you have not read the new book by David Platt CounterCulture, you should check it out. Great read!

We began this journey with our hearts set on the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) and were sure that was the country we would be adopting from. All along we have prayed for clarity, for doors to close if we head in a direction that is not best. Through a series of events in the DRC, the government decided to suspend all international adoptions. It has been heartbreaking to follow along with some of the families we know that were in the middle of adopting from the DRC as the suspension was enacted. Please pray for these families! We felt this was a closed door for us for the DRC for now (but who knows what God has planned!).

So we felt a bit like we were starting from square one again. We began praying, talking to people, reading blogs, researching, and really fleshed out what kind of program we would pursue. After several months of this, we excitedly made our decision to adopt from the China Special Needs program. We are still choosing an agency, although there are a couple of agencies that we really like (feel free to send any personal recommendations!) and are waiting for me to get older! (I have to be 30 before we can submit paperwork...I am SO EXCITED to be 30!! People, there really are benefits to getting older. Bring on the black balloons...they won't phase me one bit.)

One of our good friends who has adopted from China told us about an incredible organization called Love Without Boundaries (LWB). It started in 2003 by some adoptive parents to help sponsor children with medical needs in the China program. I have followed their blog for a while and as I was deciding what to share in this post, I came across a recent newsletter from LWB that basically had everything I was wanting to share! It shares some information like that today 90% of orphaned children in China are adopted domestically (YAY!!! this is something to celebrate as this was NOT the case in the 90s) It also shares why there is such a huge need for international adoption from China to continue in regard to the special needs program. The need keeps growing and the number of people choosing this program is unfortunately drastically declining (see the first page of the newsletter where it shares that the annual number of adoptions has dropped from around 10,000 per year to a little over 3,000 annually in recent years). Pages four and five of the newsletter have FAQs, which we have considered and have personally been asked many times, such as why there is actually a greater need for the adoption of boys now, and why a special needs adoption program is still needed. I wholeheartedly support their answers. You also get to learn about a few adorable kiddos that have been adopted from the program in recent years (I love little Matt's story). So I will stop babbling...go check it out!! LWB International Adoption Newsletter

Here are a couple of other great resources to learn about what special needs adoption looks like. Just a word of caution before you prepared for your heart strings to be pulled and to be stretched in ways you never expected:)
No Hands But Ours
Adopt Special Needs
You can also learn more about all of the work that LWB is doing and subscribe to their blog at:
Love Without Boundaries

Check out these awesome website. There are tons of great resources and as we have said from the very beginning... If our journey moves you, good. If our journey inspires you, even better. But above all, we want you to know, we are not doing this because we are extraordinary, but because we serve One who is. We are just waiting and praying for Him to tell us what to do...and waiting for me to grow up. Bring on the black balloons!

Thanks for following us in this journey. We so appreciate your support and prayers!

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